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Interventional cardiology. Male surgeon

Interventional cardiology is a branch of cardiology that deals specifically with the catheter based treatment of structural heart diseases.  Many procedures can be performed on the heart by catheterization.  This most commonly involves the insertion of a sheath into the femoral artery (but, in practice, any large peripheral artery or vein) and cannulating the heart under X-ray visualization (most commonly fluoroscopy). 

Medical Specialists of the Palm Beaches Interventional Cardiologists perform the following procedures:

  • Angioplasty

  • Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI/Coronary angioplasty)

  • Valvuloplasty

  • Congenital heart defect correction

  • Percutaneous valve replacement

  • Percutaneous valve repair

  • Coronary thrombectomy

Dr. Scott Midwall is now offering an expanded service line of venous disease consultation, evaluation and therapy. Dr. Midwall is performing venous ultrasound scans of the lower extremities to evaluate/screen for chronic superficial venous insufficiency.

This test is often performed to evaluate painful, edematous legs, nocturnal leg cramps, painful or bleeding varicose veins, venous ulcers, to name a few potential clinical scenarios.  Depending on the results of the study and the patient’s symptoms, a therapeutic strategy is initiated, which typically involves compression hose prior to consideration of ablative techniques which are also performed in the outpatient/office setting. For active ulcers, it is often best to proceed to ablation therapy.


Scott Midwall, M.D.

Scott Midwall, M.D.

Interventional Cardiology

Lawrence Lovitz, M.D_

Lawrence Lovitz, M.D.

Interventional Cardiology

Mark Rothenberg, M.D_

Mark Rothenberg, M.D.

Interventional Cardiology


Christopher Hawk, M.D.

Interventional Cardiology


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