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MSPB Cardiology’s Dr. Anderson Penuela, M.D. featured in Wellington Regional’s Health News Magazine

While dining at Flanigan’s® restaurant on one South Florida evening, Raymond Mitchell Jr.’s heart suddenly stopped working. Mitchell, 76 years old, had suffered from cardiac arrest and lost consciousness, but luckily for him, retired firefighter Gary Swedenborg was dining a few feet away. Swedenborg immediately commenced resuscitation efforts until Palm Beach County Fire Rescue arrived. Upon arrival, paramedics shocked Mitchell’s heart with a defibrillator to help restore its rhythm.

MSPB Cardiology’s Dr. Anderson Penuela, M.D. treated Mitchell at Wellington Regional and said that Swedenborg’ and the paramedics rapid emergency response saved his life: “It was excellent, and it was right on time….Often with cardiac arrest, patients can develop some kind of brain injury because of lack of oxygen.” But this was not the case here.

Upon arrival at the emergency room at Wellington Regional, it was essential to control Mitchell’s heart arrhythmia and thin his blood. Mitchell had three blockages in his coronary arteries which resulted in him having bypass surgery. We are happy to report that Mitchell is recovered and doing excellent.

We are proud and honored to have Dr. Penuela on the MSPB Cardiology team.

MSPB Cardiology has office locations in Atlantis, FL, Wellington, FL, Boynton Beach, FL and West Palm Beach, FL. For more information on MSPB Cardiology, please visit the MSPB Cardiology page.

Source: Wellington Regional Health Magazine


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