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Features of Patient Portal

The MSPB Patient Portal is an online service that provides MSPB patients secure access to their health information. It allows patients to view test results, schedule appointments, request prescription refills and exchange secure messages with your MSPB Provider. It's an alternative to calling your Provider's Office. Here are some of the key features of the MSPB Patient Portal.

When you log into the MSPB Patient Portal, you will see the following screen. On the left side, there is a menu with Appointments, Messages, Billing, My Health and more.


It's very easy to request an appointment with your MSPB Provider through the MSPB Patient Portal. To request an appointment, click on the Appointments tab and it will take you to the following page:

Select the reason for your appointment (Follow Up, Annual Physician, Problem or Other) then click Find Appointments. You will be taken to the following page:

Select your desired appointment date on the calendar. Then select your Provider, Office Location (if applicable) and your preference of appointment time.


Patients receive messages through the MSPB Patient Portal on billing and test results. Patients can also message their MSPB Provider. Click on Messages and it will take you to the following screen:

To view your messages, click on the Messages tab and then click on Inbox and choose the message to open. To send a message to your MSPB Provider, click the Messages tab. Click the Compose Message button. Select the message type from the dropdown options based on the topic of your inquiry. Select your MSPB Provider and office location. Type your subject and message. Click the Send button

Your provider's office will make every effort to respond to your messages within a timely manner. Please do not expect a response on weekends or holidays. Most responses are provided within 2 days. If you need to speak with the office sooner, please call the office directly. Urgent matters should not be dealt with via the Patient Portal. All messages are confidential. Note: Please use this tool for health-related inquiries only. All messages are included in your patient record.

Prescription Refills

To request a prescription refill through the MSPB Patient Portal, Click the Messages tab. Select Compose Message. Select Prescriptions and refills from the message type dropdown menu. Select your Provider and Office Location. Type your subject and message. Click the Send button.


Patients can access their Billing/Bill Pay through MSPB Patient Portal. Click on Billing and you will see the following screen:

Patients can pay their account balance, view their payment history and more. Patients will also receive messages about any billing matters (such as available invoice, payment reminders).

My Health

The MSPB Patient Portal allows patients to access their health information through My Health. Click on My Health and it will take you to the following screen:

In My Health, patients are able to review test results, medications, care summaries, vitals, medical history, health records and medical forms.


As you can see, the MSPB Patient Portal is a simple and efficient way for patients and providers to exchange information in between face-to-face visits.

Click here to view the Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions


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